Safer, High-Accuracy Digital Imaging

Safer, High-Accuracy Digital Imaging

TRIOS® 3Shape 3D Scanner – The Most Accurate Imaging Available

The amazing intraoral TRIOS 3Shape 3D Scanner and camera quickly produces accurate images from inside your mouth with lifelike rendering, and it’s all speedily done from the comfort of the dental chair.

TRIOS 3Shape 3D Scanner has been a game-changer for imaging and also for taking impressions, eliminating the need for the messy goo and unpleasant feeling of traditional dental impressions. Next time you’re in for imaging or impressions, we guarantee you’ll be impressed by the ease and speed of the TRIOS 3Shape 3D Scanner, too!


SCHICK 33 Digital X-Ray – Today’s Answer to Dental X-Ray Safety

We’re pleased to offer Schick 33 Digital X-Rays, the state-of-the-art technology in x-rays for clarity and quality, as well as safety. A main concern with many patients is the amount of radiation received from the scans. The Schick 33 offers a very low dose—about same amount of radiation you’d be exposed to simply walking around outside. Dental x-rays are one of the lowest radiation dose studies performed. A routine exam which includes 4 bitewings exposes you to less than one day of natural background radiation. It is also about the same amount of radiation exposure from a short one to two-hour airplane flight.

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USB IntraOral Camera – Quick & Easy Real-Time Imaging

Smile—you’re on camera! The USBCam4 is as small as a ballpoint pen and takes clear real-time images, making it a quick and simple way for your dentist to show you exactly what’s happening in your mouth. It’s an excellent tool for educating you on current dental health conditions and explaining treatment plans.

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