Crooked Teeth

Crooked Teeth

Are crooked teeth a health risk?

Crooked teeth aren’t just a source of embarrassment for many people, they can also create dental health issues, such as difficulty chewing, speaking and your ability to brush out food particles (which can lead to decay and gum disease).

What can be done to correct crooked teeth?

Your dentist may recommend our advanced orthodontic option, Invisalign®, to help straighten your teeth without traditional braces, which are uncomfortable, make chewing and speaking difficult, and are often embarrassing for adult patients. Once the alignment is correct, Dental Crowns or Veneers may be applied for symmetry and a perfect smile.

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Morgan & Haupt Dentistry offers a range of advanced orthodontic solutions (other than metal braces) to straighten crooked teeth and fix misaligned bites.

To learn more about options for correcting crooked teeth and misaligned bites, click on the links below:

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