Low-Stress Root Canal Tools

Low-Stress Root Canal Tools

Morgan & Haupt Dentistry is pleased to utilize the latest endodontics tools for faster, lower-stress root canal procedures. We will discuss your options with you and select the best tool for your individual situation and needs. Currently, we use the following advancements in root canal treatment:

WaveOne® Gold Endodontic Tool – Faster, Efficient Root Canals

WaveOne® Gold has helped our dentists take root canal treatment speed, accuracy and success to a whole new level of care, making it a winner for our patients.

In most cases, using the WaveOne Gold Endodontic Tool eliminates the need for multiple visits—the entire process can be completed in one session using only one tool for every aspect of prep to shaping to filling. Be sure to ask about the WaveOne Gold Endodontic Tool if you become a candidate for a root canal in the future.

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Brassler Endosequence® – Simplified, Speedier Procedures

Morgan & Haupt Dentistry offers the Brassler Endosequence® handpiece, a high-tech electric tool that has proven to be one of the fastest, simplest solutions for performing safe and successful root canals in a single visit—a big benefit to our patients. We’ve found it to be superior to traditional “air” tool methods, so much so that patients often fall asleep during the root canal procedure. Be sure to ask us about it!


Rotary Endodontics – No Drill Noises Means Less Stress

Rotary endodontics provide significant relief for patients who are fearful of endodontic procedures such as root canals because of drill and scraping noise. This advanced technology and technique employs an electric hand-piece that’s virtually noise-free.

With the hand-piece, we can perform your endodontic procedures more quickly and precisely, while you enjoy a truly low-stress experience. Combined with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) dental sedation, you’ll remain awake but relaxed throughout your endodontic procedure.