Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions: Nothing to Be Anxious About

Though we seek to always preserve your natural teeth whenever possible, there are circumstances when a tooth extraction is necessary to restore proper health and function to your smile. In general, it takes about five to seven days for the gum area to heal and about three to four weeks for the area to heal completely after having a tooth pulled.

What if I’m too nervous to go through with an extraction?

We understand and sympathize with your anxiety over having a tooth “pulled,” and we do all we can to make the procedure low-stress. We encourage our patients to allow us to administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) prior to extraction to ease anxiety. Morgan & Haupt Dentistry offers various types of sedation dentistry depending on the needs of the patient and the complexity of the procedure.

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Why would I need a tooth extracted?

There are a number of circumstances where an extraction might be recommended, including:

  • Removal of a tooth affected by decay or disease
  • Removal of a cracked, broken or damaged tooth when restorative dentistry is not an option
  • To make space for other teeth
  • To improve alignment
  • To remove wisdom teeth

What can I expect with a wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common tooth extractions. The removal of wisdom teeth is generally recommended in adolescents before the teeth are fully developed. Often, there’s not enough room for wisdom teeth to grow, which not only leads to considerable pain, but also the risk of the teeth becoming impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can become infected, damage neighboring teeth or negatively affect the alignment of teeth.